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Eric Butler began his career playing drums at the very early age of four and excelled with it.  He played in band throughout grade school and high school and established himself as one of the prolific drummers in Northeast Ohio, winning many competitions and performing with many bands, one of his named S.O.S.  This band made it to the Cleveland High School Rock-Off, an event that is still in existence today, in which they placed second out of 50 local bands. It showed how important the local music scene in Cleveland was. 


Later, Eric joined the band MyTh and Company with Nick Baur and Cody Schmidt of Eastlake, Ohio.  The band has been in existence for over six years, and they have made very impressive progress on the local music scene.  With the help of good friend and fellow musician Mark Malysa, they recorded an album that would eventually be a fully mixed and mastered three song EP.  It would be their swan song with that particular group set-up, and Eric eventually went on to pursue playing guitar full-time and created the band Superbad Cleveland, a cover band, which frequents shows in Northeast Ohio.  When he is not playing with Superbad, Eric predominantly plays acoustic guitar cover songs and originals around the Cleveland area and is able to accommodate many different genres of music for weddings, cocktail parties, and dinners.  


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